Our flowers are available all year round.
We selected horticultural farms that meet our qualitative and ethical requirements.

Importation of Alstromeria and Roses (Grande Rose, Super Intermediate, Tea Hybrid, Spray Roses) on demand.

Vegetable growers we work with in Kenya also produce roses. The flowers we import are all produced according to our ethical, ecological and economic standards.

The Kenyan climate allows for a natural production process and does not require at any time of the year the use of greenhouse gas heated, with large CO2 emissions.

We offer many varieties and colors (more than a hundred). The selections are made « à la carte » with our customers.

Our imports are direct from farms to customers and allow to receive extra fresh flowers, having a long life.

For the transportation of our vegetables and flowers, we use passenger flights, which reduces our carbon footprint.

Conditioning of our roses

Produit Hauteur bouton Longueur de tiges Conditionnement
Super intermediate 4cm - 5cm 50 cm 450 tiges (90x5)

450 tiges (45x10)

Tea Hybrid 5cm + 50 cm 600 tiges (60x10)

300 tiges (30x10)

Grandes roses 6 cm + 70 cm 160 tiges (16x10)
Branchues / 80 cm 280 tiges (28x10)
Alstromeria / 80 cm 50 tiges