Freshness, flavor and health


The time spent between the harvest and our custormers’deliveries does not exceed 48H for the fruits and vegetables transported by air.

The fruits and vegetables transported by boat are perfectly selected during their harvest to be preserved in an optimum way. Their transport respects a perfect maintenance of the cold chain and natural conservation practices.

Our crops are all seasonal. They are carried out in a traditional way in naturally appropriate terroirs. They are not subject to yield constraints per hectare since our farmers have many available arable land. Our fruits and vegetables are picked at a good maturity and by hand. Human intervention at all stages of our production limits the use of machines and therefore any pollution and carbon emissions.


Flavor and health

Our products are from sustainable agriculture and are therefore healthy. They are analyzed by approved laboratories and correspond to all the standards defined by the European Union.

That’s why our fruits and vegetables are good and very fresh. Thus their nutritive components and their nutritional qualities are preserved.

Fruits and vegetables are the main elements of a healthy diet. Thanks to all their nutritional benefits (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber …), they are essential for the functioning of our body and play a protective role against many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Because of their low calorie content, they also prevent weight gain.