Natural areas of production

The Green Cabana selects areas all over the world
that are naturally suited to the crops grown.

The advantages of East Africa

East Africa remains our main production region but The Green Cabana also collaborates with farms, meeting our quality and ethical requirements in North Africa, Central America and South America.

In Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, the positioning of farms at the equator allows for constant sunshine and temperatures all year round. The high temperatures of the equator are mitigated thanks to high altitude production (1,500 to 2,800 meters).

This combination of elements makes it possible to produce a wide variety of agricultural products all in season. Indeed, in this zone of the world, the seasons are not marked and the climatic conditions are all the year perfectly appropriate to the fruits and vegetables which we cultivate.


East Africa is not subject to yield constraints per hectare because it has a lot of arable land available.

Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, where our farms are located, benefit from a favorable soil that is naturally adapted to market gardening. Our products are grown naturally in optimal conditions and respectful of the environment.